Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Love You, December….!

Don’t know why, I always had a passion for December…!!!

Those lazy mornings,
the reluctance to get out of my cozy bed,
the dew drops on every flower and grass,
the exams and tiny winter vacation,
the moon coming to my window very late,
keeping me awake very late at nights…
those wonder years,
I lived in such cool breezy nights,
trying to get a whiff of the fresh dew-wet soil,
looking at the pleasant sky, rich with twinkling stars…!

Hundreds of cute ‘Karthika’ Diyas…!

The ‘Thiruvaathira’ Tang of my Land…!

Everything around me always looked delightful in December.

During those Decembers’ at school,
we kept searching for the best
of the greetings for our friends…
And at college,
December was the best
among the crisp and buzzing months,
young hearts brimming over the love,
fortifying their vows after
the annual tours, picking the best
of the gifts for their love.

Years after, we are here, busy in our own worlds,
may be sending a few alphabets to our friends’ mobiles or mail boxes…

Ammu and Appu were
the Gifts of December
my (personal) reason,
now, to love December…

Christmas has come around once more.
Another precious year of our life has passed out.
Some of us have traveled more,
others less on the ways to the self – set destinations.

Today I thought it’s a good time to review my Decembers.
A day of stock taking !
Let me turn within,
look for all those non - perishable Christmas inventories.
Let us all sit together and try to relive them.

This is my oldest and fondest Christmas memory…
My X’mas holidays at Kottayam,
I was around nine years old,
Ammaama (my uncle) was working there then,
they lived in a lovely vicinity.

The backyard of the house bordered with a ‘thodu’ (canal ),
embroidered with plants like ‘kaitha’ ( the pandanus ) etc…
mobile markets came to the houses in small boats,
the “Poooi” of the fish sellers was like the wake up alarm for me…
I sat on the steps, playing in the water,
chatting with every one came that way in the boats.

The carol groups visited us at nights,
sung in praise of Christmas,
spreading the message of love, joy and peace
in every nook and corner of the place.

The spirit of Christmas and
the piece of music those carolers brought to my life have not yet faded away…
and for the first time I met Santa alive… !
Still feel in like a wonderful dream…!!!

And our Ammayi is an artistic homemaker
and a wonderful hostess… You’ll love being with her at home,
especially relishing a huge variety of home made goodies…

There was a guava tree in the front yard corner,
I played with my new friends there,
Jisha (if I’m not wrong), her brother and friends..
Their mother brought their Christmas specials, the “kinnathappam”s etc etc…
I remember…..!

1994 - One among the best years in my life…
The Delhi–Agra–Jaipur trip,
My first university zonal competitions,
The still-going-strong friendships…!!!

And the next - best December memory creeps in…

Again with Ammaama, Ammayi and family at their house.
Those were Christmas days but
had nothing much to do with Christmas celebrations..

An untainted Thiruvaathira season…!

Spend hours amidst
the breath taking serene beauty
of the view of
the emerald paddy fields,
fishes in the pond,
squirrels, birds, butterflies…
sunrise and sunset…

Talks with Muthassan and Ammamma,
“Chozhi” came to every house…
(it is a simple folk dance form performed in
our place during the festive seasons like Thiruvaathira etc.)
the festival at the Anthimahakalan Temple,
went to Thirumittakkode Temple,
with Usha ammayi, Unnimama, Chinchu and Appu.

A moment to cherish all through my life…
the view of our own Nila !

Got some gifts …
A watch from Ammamma,
a chain with an orchid pendant from Usha Ammayi.
So, another Happy December !

Every year Pappa stringed up star lights…

In 2001,
we made a cute little Crib,
decorated our tree,
I placed some small gifts
for Manu and Revutty there.
I told them about Christmas,
tree, crib and the Christmas Stockings…

The boys in our residential area
delighted us with carols and gifts.

I always wished Santa Claus to come down for me and
to fill my stockings hung at the end of the bed with a lot of gifts.

May be Pappa or Amma heard me
telling about this to the kids,
to my surprise I found a gift
by my bed that Christmas morning…!!!

I did not ask them and even now I do not know
who kept that gift… but IT made me so HAPPY.

OH…! How can I forget Christmas’ 2001…!!!

Later, we had the New Year celebrations
organized by our residential association.
That was the very last celebration
I took part as ‘single’ !!!

December’ 2002
Also a memorable one
but could never be
remembered merrily. Watch out this space
later for that different story.

Our Ammu was born
on 3rd December, 2003.
I was busy enjoying my motherhood and
could not give much care for my December.

Now the only remaining one…

24th December 2006…
Morning we had a reunion at Victoria…
I went with Savee, my sis, another Victorian.

We were expecting Appu by January 30th.
I was looking funny and
really pathetic, I knew,
with the full-size tummy and Oedema…!
I was feeling very uncomfortable
sitting in a single stretch for a long time.
My friends scared me off,
saying they were not ready to take a risk.
As we came back soon,
my friends came home,
sparing some unforgettable moments for us.
Feeling so Proud and Happy about my Friends.

Tintu, Savee, Chinch, Kuttan, Appu(Sr).…
We made the crib that year too…
Others missed it that year too.

Even though
we were expecting Appu(jr.),
We didn’t expect him
so early and to be so impatient…
He rushed out on the fifth day...
on 29th December, 2006, a whole month before the due date.

From Past to Present...

This Christmas eve,
We were window-shopping in a mall here,
Suddenly we heard -
“Ho Ho Ho… Merry Christmas…” and the ringing bells,
Ammu was dumbfound to see Santa alive in front of her eyes!!!
Appu looked a bit confused… but became happy
as soon as he got the gift packet. Another Merry Christmas.

Way back,
I told Narayanan about
my Christmas fantasy, this blog post and that
I’ll be keeping a big X’Mas stocking ready by our bed’s side.

Though the Christmas day faded out,
I have not lost my hope,
after reading this he will surprise me … on the New Year !!!

" Dear Ones, on the Christmas day
I wished to send out
the best wishes to each one of you…

Though I am not with you in person,
You are all always with me in my thoughts.

With all love and good wishes
for every successful year to come,
I join with you in your rejoicings…

May the Magic of Christmas
remain in your heart throughout the year!!! "

Thank You All… for making this Life worth cherishing.


  1. Wow...So much nostaligia in one piece...Thats so sweet...I remember those moments in menakath...few things, i carry with me for ever..Have those xmas cards, still kept safe.. Happy xmas achu ..

  2. Hohoho chech.....

    a stroll along memory lane there.....real good one chech.....

    Please keep writing......

    me feeling all nostalgic now.....

  3. Indeed a good one chechi!1

    Years later do make Ammu and Appu read this blog and record their reactions..Trust me..will be worthwile!!